Janet is a Creative & Spiritual Guide for those seeking healing, self expression and empowerment. A graduate of the BAA Illustration program at Sheridan College, Janet Parsons currently resides in Oakville, Ontario. In addition to being an illustrator, she teaches children's art classes at Studio PAVAS & Baptiste Yoga at Power Yoga Canada. She loves to mentor and inspire others to connect with their higher self & believe in their creative abilities. 

Surreal, romantic and allegorical, Janet's work features bold colour palettes, graphic shapes and organic elements to create unique images. Janet takes inspiration from raw emotions, spirituality & nature's enchanting beauty. Her intention is to capture magical moments in time as well as the natural essence of all living things. Janet's paintings are full of energy, rhythm & movement.

She is creating her own movement this year as she develops an innovative mentorship program that uses art as a medium for healing and self transformation. Janet's purpose is to not only teach techniques but to show others that  We are all artists. In your story lies a masterpiece.